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Schedule Appointments by calling: (631) 754-6916



If you are using an insurance plan, it is your responsibility to verify the coverage provided by your plan. You will be billed for any services provided that are not paid by your insurance carrier.


Please call your insurance company and ask the following questions:

  1. Is a referral or pre-authorization is needed?

  2. Are all diagnosis covered?

  3. How many visits a year?

  4. Do I have a co-pay or deductible?

  5. Is my health provider in-network?
    Your insurance provider can look this up using NPI# 1710023981.

Particial List of Accepted
Insurance Plans:

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • Empire

  • Medicare

  • NYSHIP/United

  • United

  • and others

Payment is due at the time of service.  Cash, check, Venmo and credit cards are accepted for fee and/or co-pay.


Although I am participating with these plans, your contract may have restrictions.
Please check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

No Insurance

Appointments when not using an insurance plan​:

  • If you are not using an insurance plan, payment is due at the time of visit. 
    Cash, check, Venmo and credit cards are accepted.

  • Rates are reasonable to allow you to get the care you need.

  • Many people use nutrition services without insurance plans.


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